January 16, 2004

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It turns out you can't get away with not exercising to lose weight: The Consumer Council believes advertising claims made by some makers of electronic exercise belts are way off the mark...One product claimed a 30-minute workout would produce results similar to 240 sit-ups. Another said a 20-minute workout would produce results similar to 800 sit-ups. Yet again people fall victim to the something for nothing syndrome. But they may still have a purpose...

While on stupid things for stupid people, a Japanese company has come up with a dream machine:A Japanese toy company says it's developed a gadget that will enable people to control their dreams...To work the gadget, the owner has to stare at a photograph of what they would like to dream about and then record, in their own words, how the dream is supposed to pan out. Once users are sleeping, the gadget goes to work by combining the voice recording, lights, music and aromas to stimulate sleepers whenever it detects rapid eye movement - a sign that someone is dreaming. This ties in nicely with this from the SCMP: The government has decided to drop proposals for draconian measures to rein in pornographic publications, four years after the controversial plan was floated...The source said: "It's an election year. You can imagine the difficulty of pushing it through Legco. It's time to put an end to the proposal.

Dream machine; pornography; exercise belts. What a combination.

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