January 08, 2004

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Ubul Bio

It's nice and warm in here. A little dark and wet too, but nice and warm.

posted by Simon on 01.08.04 at 10:40 AM in the


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Who is Ubul?
Excerpt: Many readers have asked me who is Ubul? Actually that's a complete lie, as firstly most people don't comment here, and secondly I only posted the name about 5 minutes ago, and I don't get that many hits in 5...
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where is ubulcam

posted by: da on 01.08.04 at 02:43 PM [permalink]

Rumour has it that Ubul is a Collingwood supporter and is already sporting the famour No.5!

posted by: AB on 04.29.04 at 05:27 PM [permalink]

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