January 08, 2004

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Who is Ubul?

Many readers have asked me who is Ubul? Actually that's a complete lie, as firstly most people don't comment here, and secondly I only posted the name about 5 minutes ago, and I don't get that many hits in 5 minutes. So let's think of it as me anticipating lots of questions from people along these lines.

Ubul is the name we've given to each impending baby in Mrs M's tummy. Mrs M's folks are Hungarian. When we were casting about for names for the baby that became JC, my father-in-law proved very helpful. He listed all the famous Hungarian knights of folklore and suggested we use some of them. Now the only one I could even pronounce was Ubul. So when we went for an ultrasound I cleverly got a copy of it on videotape. I even more cleverly labelled the said videotape "Ubul's first video". Thenceforth both JC and PB were known as Ubul until they arrived in the world.

Of course once they arrived in the world they got their new names. Which leads me to the next thing...

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when's the baby due? just curious, and wishing you good luck. hope you and your wife are sleeping well now while you can! best wishes!

posted by: white on 06.14.04 at 11:53 PM [permalink]

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