January 08, 2004

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The Big News

The overwhelming patience you've all shown has paid off. I am proud to announce that Mrs M is prgenant, yet again. It is still early days and she's suffering terrible morning sickness but so far our attempt to over-populate the world has moved into its 3rd stage. Yes, we've decided we really don't like having money, sleep or privacy.

But wait, there's more...

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Excerpt: The problem with blogs is they scroll chronologically. So if you're confused because you're reading this post and have no idea what's been going on today, I suggest you start here and work your way up. To celebrate the new...
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posted by: shaky on 01.08.04 at 11:05 AM [permalink]


posted by: dave on 01.08.04 at 12:07 PM [permalink]

Hey it IS big, not known to 1/2 the world already and something I would be interested in knowing!!!!


(PS I like the comment about money and sleep and privacy above)

posted by: kennycan on 01.08.04 at 01:34 PM [permalink]

mazal tov :)

posted by: Eyal on 01.08.04 at 02:00 PM [permalink]


posted by: Pixy Misa on 01.08.04 at 05:21 PM [permalink]


I always thought it was considered bad luck to tell people at this early stage. Or is that just a Chinese thing?

posted by: Chris on 01.08.04 at 09:32 PM [permalink]

I was betting on YOU being pregnant and trying to convince your wife it has absolutely nothing to do with Bucks' Night!

My best to you and Mrs M. Start banking sleep now!


posted by: Paul USA on 01.09.04 at 12:15 AM [permalink]

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