January 08, 2004

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Believe it or not

My family goes through two litres (yes, litres, not liters, you silly Americans) of milk a day. That's 14 litres a week. We go through more milk than water. But it's not that simple. Because we have three different kinds of milk too. There's the full cream kind for JC and PB, there's the skim kind for Mrs M and my cereal, and there's the half way in between kind for Mrs M's coffee. Why? Because the skim doesn't froth enough, and Mrs M doesn't like full cream milk.

While on useless facts about my life, Misti the wonder dog ain't such a wonder at the moment. Living in an apartment many floors from the ground means from time to time she has accidents. However it's getting colder and she's not one for the cold. So each morning, noon and night there are more and more accidents. We've got proficient at the clean-up process. But how do you teach an old dog new tricks?

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Liver treats :)

posted by: nisi on 01.08.04 at 08:47 AM [permalink]

Litter Box. Very. Large. Litter. Box.

Or have Misti watch Joe Almighty. What?

posted by: Paul USA on 01.09.04 at 12:13 AM [permalink]

Put the muzzle on the other end?

posted by: fumier on 01.09.04 at 12:38 PM [permalink]

Full cream milk tastes too good. I drink 0.3L minimum each day:
Morning latte
Afternoon milk tea
Before bed milk.


posted by: ukjoe on 01.09.04 at 04:21 PM [permalink]

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