January 07, 2004

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This awards thing is catching. Now it's the Australian Blog Awards. Nominations close Friday; voting until Australia Day (January 26th). I see there's a Best Overseas Australian Blog section, but somehow this blog has yet to be nominated. An oversight that will no doubt be corrected son. (There's a hint there foy y'all).

posted by Simon on 01.07.04 at 02:52 PM in the


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Always one to be able to discern very subtle hints, Helen identified that there has been an oversight in Simon not being nominated for Best Overseas Blog, and thus remedied said error.

Thank goodness she has a keen eye for nuance.

posted by: Helen on 01.07.04 at 08:31 PM [permalink]

I'm retarded! I too felt that subtle 2x4 over the head to spontaneoulsly nominate you. After spending several minutes scanning reams of urls in the Awards comments for traces of Simon-ness I find Helen beat me to the punch... AT THE VERY BOTTOM. Had I simply bothered looking at the lone comment posted to your plea I could have saved myself the pain and squandered, er, effectively used that time elsewhere.

How is it one woman can spend so much time in bed and yet be omnipresent on the Internet? Bedblogger! (I hope she takes that in the kind, tender way that I meant it.)

Best of luck Simon. You are always worth our time!


posted by: Paul USA on 01.07.04 at 11:26 PM [permalink]

See, you two are my smartest readers.

posted by: Simon on 01.08.04 at 08:24 AM [permalink]

As for the Asiablog awards, congrats on coming second to a retard.

posted by: Nicholas Liu on 01.08.04 at 07:29 PM [permalink]

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