February 26, 2007

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You are what you eat

From Reuters:

Children receive drips to cure indigestion at a hopital in Suzhou, east China's Jiangsu province, February 23, 2007. A lot of children had to go to the hospital due to the inappropriate diet during the Chinese Spring Festival, China Daily reported.


And you thought you ate badly over the past week.

posted by Simon on 02.26.07 at 09:19 AM in the China category.


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What is with the Chinese fascination with IV drips to cure any and everything??

posted by: GZ Expat on 02.26.07 at 09:41 AM [permalink]

This may be tangential to the post, but since moving to Asia, I have had more than my share of indigestion evenings, sometimes not even able to sleep well because something I ate for dinner or lunch makes my stomach the re-enactment geography for the Seven Days War.

Is that common?

posted by: doug on 02.26.07 at 10:40 AM [permalink]

No Doug, it's not.

posted by: Simon on 02.26.07 at 11:39 AM [permalink]

The fascination with drips is that the hospitals charge 40-80 yuan per drip thereby raking in an enormous profit on pushing gloucose and the general population is woefully ignorant of basic biology, chemistry and medicine.

If a man or woman in a white lab coat says they need IV treatment, they don't ask questions.

posted by: Justin on 02.26.07 at 07:55 PM [permalink]

IV saline as the opiate of the masses?

posted by: Simon on 02.27.07 at 10:22 AM [permalink]

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