July 04, 2006

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Democracy's new saviour

The July 1st Hong Kong democracy march again did little to advance the cause. But the release of a summary of Regina "Article 23" Ip's thesis certainly will...so does that mean one person can make more of a difference than 57,000 (or however many marched)?

This week's must-read is from Roland at ESWN: the parachutist's adventure in Hong Kong. He points out how irrelevant the number of marchers is, and how bad a job the current democrat camp leaders are doing. And the fuss over Regina Ip's paper is simply proof of his thesis. Who'd have thought Ip would be the saviour of the democracy cause in Hong Kong?

posted by Simon on 07.04.06 at 01:16 PM in the Hong Kong democracy/politics category.


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As an anti-democratic DAB/CCP shill Roland will always diss the pan-democratic leaders. Any and every chance.

Yes, it would be expected that someone (Charles Mok) who didn't participate in marches since 2003, which was highly focussed not on universal suffrage but on Article 23, might be annoyed at the broad spectrum of issue groups involved in Saturday's march.

As for the marketing impact of these marches, one need only be reminded of the value of May Day Parades in Red Square in Moscow. In marketing terms, a picture is worth a thousand words.

As for polling data, it cracks me up that within a few weeks, Roland goes from saying that polling data doesn't matter (on Tamar) to saying that polling data is all that should matter.

Inconsistent when it fits his needs to bash Hong Kong's pan-democrats. If this is what you see as the best HK's bloggers can produce, then I'm afraid you've condemned HK's bloggers to irrelevancy.

posted by: Tom - Daai Tou Laam on 07.05.06 at 10:39 AM [permalink]

"Anti-democratic DAB/CCP shill"? Saywha?
You've got the wrong guy, methinks.

posted by: Justin on 07.05.06 at 12:31 PM [permalink]

Nope. I've got the right guy. He's very clever at marketing and disin-glenn-uous misdirection, but Roland's a shill.

Who's obsessed with the numbers at the march and specifically to rubbish and minimise their impact? Roland.

Who's pushing the mainland's Liaison Office line that democracy in Hong Kong is held back by poor or wrong leadership of the democracy movement in Hong Kong instead of by the CCP monopoly of power? Roland.

Who was pushing a year ago that low numbers at the July 1st March meant that it was in danger of being taken over by FLG? Roland.

Who was pushing that the DAB was the only solution to poor economic conditions in Kowloon and poor environmental conditions in the SAR prior to the last LegCo elections? Roland.

(and how's the air pollution improved over the last two years under the leadership of the DAB as the largest party in LegCo? how 'bout the economic conditions in Sham Shui Po or Kowloon Bay under DAB leadership? the DAB and FTU did a fine job of caving on the minimum wage bill in LegCo. the DAB and FTU did a fine job of caving at the labour negotiating table with New World after the government intervened.)

posted by: Tom - Daai Tou Laam on 07.05.06 at 02:13 PM [permalink]

Remember when Yuan Hongbing and the other officials were seeking political asylum in Australia? Remember the statements about the Chinese running a large network of data gathering agents in Australia? Who was the blogger to come out and say the CCP "spy network" didn't and couldn't exist? Roland Soong.

Which HK blogger has the biggest obsession with the FLG? Roland Soong, while naturally and disin-glenn-uously professing that he's disinterested in the FLG.

In the same way as he's disin-glenn-uously disinterested in trying to run down the numbers on the July 1st marches.

posted by: Tom - Daai Tou Laam on 07.05.06 at 05:38 PM [permalink]

France will win the Zee World Cup. I will bet my Arc Triomphe on it...

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hmmm ... i have been fascinated by the comments here. it seems that if you give spammers and trolls enough room to operate, they actually would not continue indefinitely. at some point, they even recognize that there is only that much 'return on investment' on their part and they have to move on to more fertile territory.

posted by: eswn on 07.16.06 at 01:42 AM [permalink]

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