May 30, 2006

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Beijing Olympics are smoking...

Proof the Beijing Olympics will bring great benefits to the people of China:

Zhang Bin, an official with the Ministry of Health (MOH), said on Monday that smoking will be banned at all hospitals that will be used specifically for the Games by the end of 2007.
That from the People's Daily telling us about the "non-smoking" Olympics. Unfortunately all non-Olympic hospitals in China will not be covered. And then there's the pollution....

Will has more on China going up in smoke.

posted by Simon on 05.30.06 at 02:03 PM in the China Olympics category.


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I haven't really seen any smoking going on inside any Chinese hospital--but then again, I haven't seen any soap inside a Chinese hospital either.

posted by: Shenzhen Whitey on 05.30.06 at 04:43 PM [permalink]

That's a darn side better than this year's World Cup, where the chain-smoking Germans refuse to ban smoking outright at stadia, having signs that say 'please don't smoke' instead.

I certainly remember when I was a smoker that if I saw the word 'please' in any no-smoking sign I would assume it was voluntary.

posted by: HK Dave on 06.02.06 at 09:29 AM [permalink]

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