April 21, 2006

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I will be out of blogging action for a week or so. With a bit of luck and a subtle hint, my co-bloggers will dazzle and post in the interim. Alternatively, please avail yourself of the comments here or the forum to talk about whatever you like.

posted by Simon on 04.21.06 at 05:36 PM in the Personal category.


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On currency, I think the US leaders need to catch up with the basic education of relativity. If you think the Chinese currency is too low, maybe yourself is too high. Instead of wantonly push others, maybe it is time for the US dollar to depreciate. All US financial activities appear to desperately keep/appreciate the US dollar. It is against the natural trend. It can be the US dollars are kept artificially way too high. It probably is a last ditch attempt to delay the final collapse of the US financial empire. I bet that would be the day when Jesus return ;-)

On religion, I don’t see the western pro-God policies fair for all. To give you an example, the abortion clinics are constantly abused and harassed throughout the US. Imagine systems where we tax everything, business, income, bars, buses, churches; except for all Wal-Marts are tax free. I bet people will jump out yelling unfair.

Think about it, that is exactly what the western policies are doing to Christianity. All churches are tax free. The system promotes religion. The system is unfair and irrational for those who do not believe in God. The US pledge of allegiance claims “one nation under God.” Does that appear to respect individual religious freedom? Remember the west claims that their government do not dictate people what to do, what to believe … what self-contradiction.

The Christian west then pushes their ridiculous systems onto others; frequently by means of bloody wars. I think President Hu did a very good thing. He went to visit business sectors first. It is clearly a mimic of the passionate church visits by some of the US high-level officials. Religion is not a big thing in Chinese culture. I would not expect the westerners with their five-year-old level Chinese to understand China.

posted by: Jesus Save on 04.24.06 at 04:48 AM [permalink]

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