April 21, 2006

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Equal sex

Sometimes you can learn stuff from the People's Daily. They note a recent sex survey that contains some interesting findings:

Middle-aged and older people in Western countries were the first to take the contraceptive pill, challenge the institution of marriage and campaign for women's rights, and now they are continuing to reap the benefits of the sexual revolution.

A global study has found that people living in countries with high levels of gender equality enjoy the best sex, with the over-40s saying they are most satisfied. Middle-aged and older people who live in Western countries and who enjoy more equality between men and women are most likely to report being satisfied with their sex lives, according to the study....

Nations categorized as having more "gender-equal" relationships are more likely to report having fulfilling sex lives in their later years. People in long-term relationships reported having the best sex but across all countries men are more likely to say they have a good sex life than their partners, who are consistently a little less pleased...

"If you're dating from the age of 40-plus you have relatively better satisfaction than those who are married. People who are divorced or widowed are more likely to be physically active and capable of full sex lives."

The study was sponsored by Pfizer, makers of Viagra.

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Great Blog.


posted by: ba on 04.21.06 at 11:17 PM [permalink]

What a survey!!!! U mean to say that people in their 20's and 30's r left behind by the middle aged people. Still young at heart regardless of age. I m not dating any 40 plus so can't argue with u.

posted by: anna on 04.25.06 at 05:58 PM [permalink]

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