April 07, 2006

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Left right out

The DAB continue to perform a difficult move badly: the backflip. The Don drops in and tells Hong Kong he only wants to deal with friends and suddenly the DAB will wave through the Tamar development. The Don already managed to get a few Democrats on board and now has enough support to get the thing through. That's a stunning achievement, given most of the public are opposed to the idea, and is a testament to Tsang's political cunning. This comes just days after Tsang announces he no longer is interested in talking to opponents and only wants to deal with sycophants.

Stephen Vines has a go at both James Tien and Donald Tsang and makes some telling points. It's a read the whole thing kind of editorial. The money quote:

The big difference between Tsang and Tung is that Tsang has spelled out his determination to ignore political opponents whereas Tung merely followed this policy without annunciation.
Vines also notes that Tsang draws his support from "a mixed bag of leftist and business-dominated parties". He's right - Hong Kong could be the only place in the world where these two theoretically opposed groups actually form the dominant ruling cabal. Now this city is often (mistakenly) held up as a bastion of free markets. Economics says the in free markets people persue their own interests to maximise benefits for themselves. So applying that to local politics, what is it that both business and leftists have in common that can make them work together? My guess is simply political power, but I'd be interested in other opinions.

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great site, but I cant wait until monday

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I just want to say I think this site is great!!

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