April 06, 2006

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The little Lychee

You would suppose that being the richest and most successful Chinese city in the world would make Hong Kong a secure, confident place. Its politicians and chattering class would be full of good advice for their Mainland cousins on how such success could be replicated. Mainland leaders would hang on their every word, collecting pearls of wisdom from the Pearl River Delta.

Instead the Big Lychee suffers from an incredible inferiority complex, even though China's leadership keeps telling the city not to worry. Try today's Standard (screenshot below the jump):

SAR's role shrinks as firms lift China focus. Shockingly, local companies are making more money in the Mainland relative to Hong Kong.

Wen eases worries on marginalization. China's Premier tells us not to worry. For once we should take him at his word.


posted by Simon on 04.06.06 at 12:44 PM in the Hong Kong category.


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Greedy and selfish capitalists disguises themselves as whining babies :)

Simon, I seriously think you should send your opening lines to the HK media.

Reminds me of the aid HK received from the mainland during SARS.

posted by: sun bin on 04.06.06 at 04:24 PM [permalink]

Actually I don't see it as begging for handouts from the mainland, sun bin.

I think it's an attempt to create a sense of crisis to bypass sensible discussion of infrastructure White Elephants, which Darth Bowtie has pegged his re-election campaign upon being the man to complete.

posted by: Tom - Daai Tou Laam on 04.07.06 at 05:30 PM [permalink]

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