March 25, 2006

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The Economist does China

The Economist has a survey of China in its latest edition. The first article in the series looks at the challenges China faces at home before the 2008 Olympics and beyond. The rest of the survey requires subscription. Once I've read through it I'll post more thoughts and comments.


At the half-way point, the survey has basically rehashed much of what you've lready seen at this blog and others over the past year or so. The conclusion seems to be that to solve the rural/urban divide serious rural land reform needs to happen, primarily involving given peseants tradable land rights. Sounds right to me.

posted by Simon on 03.25.06 at 10:44 AM in the China category.


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Internal political stability = china biggest problem.

posted by: real1 on 03.26.06 at 03:17 AM [permalink]

since that magazine made a feature about the China 1418 map, violating a news embargo, I promised myself not to read it ever again.

posted by: ChinoChano on 03.26.06 at 07:27 PM [permalink]

did you noticed the recent rise in GDP/cap of Inner Mongolia and Shanxi in the economist map?

quiz: why? :)

posted by: sun bin on 03.29.06 at 11:37 AM [permalink]

Shanxi and Inner Mongolia are rich in coal resources, and with the rise in energy prices worldwide, their GNP should be going up relative to the consuming provinces. Its happening in other places. In Canada, Alberta is growing at a faster rate than Ontario. Likewise in the US, Wyoming is booming compared to Illinois.

posted by: Ry on 03.29.06 at 03:46 PM [permalink]

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