March 10, 2006

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Thanks to Gordon's help, the Forum area has been de-spammed and is now ready for relaunching. The readers and commenters on this site (i.e. you) are a smart bunch, but you didn't need me to tell you that.

The forums will be completely free and open. There will be no censorship or moderation except to keep things within legal limits, although I retain the right to exclude those who push too far. I hope and trust that everyone can maintain a civil tone. Now go and get chatting!

Update March 13th

Due to a combination of a spam attack and a system crash, the forum has been re-installed. It's a fresh slate....just waiting for you to start a topic!

posted by Simon on 03.10.06 at 02:54 PM in the Site Stuff category.


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Hey, Simon, I tried to email you but it's bouncing back. I'll paste the message here:

Greetings Simon,

I was hoping that you might be willing to exchange links with me and my
Xinjiang-themed blog, The Opposite End of China
( Although we focus on completely different
areas of the country, we both focus exclusively on China. Also, with all the
traffic I imagine you get, I wouldn't mind stealing away a few of your

The Opposite End of China

posted by: Michael on 03.15.06 at 04:55 AM [permalink]

Ah, more competition for the duck pond.

posted by: ACB on 03.17.06 at 11:19 PM [permalink]

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