March 09, 2006

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Apple of Beijing's eye

It's fair to say that the Chinese, in general, like a bet. And the Beijing leadership are no exception. Much to the consternation of various people who matter, the latest five-year plan omits Hong Kong's self-declared status as a tourist and logistics centre:

China's surprise omission of Hong Kong's self-proclaimed status as a tourist and logistics center in its Eleventh Five-Year Plan has alarmed SAR Chinese People's Political Conference delegates as well as local National People's Congress deputies...Hong Kong's role as mentioned in the plan is to maintain its status as an international financial center as well as a commercial and shipping hub. The plan has shifted to Macau where the mainland will help develop tourism and diversify its economy.
Lost on the CPPCC and NPC delegates all in a flap is that Hong Kong has managed to become the logistical and tourist centre it is today without any help from any of the previous 10 five-year plans. Indeed one could look at the omission as a blessing - we've already got the dead hand of the local government in these sectors without needing bureaucrats from Beijing getting involved as well.

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