March 07, 2006

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Value for money bureaucrats

Some interesting factoids in today's SCMP about China's civil service:

The China Youth Daily yesterday quoted a survey as saying that just more than two-thirds of mainlanders believed Beijing should cut the number of civil servants and streamline the bureaucracy.

It quoted an economist as saying China had 39 civil servants for every US$1 million of gross domestic product, compared with 2.31 civil servants per US$1 million of GDP in the US.

Ren Yuling , a CPPCC delegate and an adviser to the State Council, told official media yesterday that the budget for running the government was 87 times bigger in 2003 than in 1978. In 2003, administrative expenses accounted for 19.03 per cent of total national expenditure, compared with Japan's 2.38 per cent and 9.9 per cent in the United States.

Hong Kong has about 155,000 civil servants and a GDP of US$181.6 billion, making the Big Lychee's ratio a lowly 0.85 civil servants per US$1 million of GDP. There you have it - proof our well paid civil servants are in fact world-beating, super-efficient machines.

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