March 07, 2006

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Straight talking at the NPC

While we all thought the attendees at the NPC sat and listened to Premier Wen's Government Work Report passively, at least one delegate wasn't impressed. The SCMP reports:

A Hong Kong deputy to the National People's Congress has criticised the concept of building a "new socialist countryside" - as outlined in Premier Wen Jiabao's Government Work Report - as "unscientific".
"It is merely a political slogan and it forces experts from academic and planning sessions to support it," Victor Sit Fung-shuen said. "That's why I don't want to stay and listen after I have read all the reports. I am dissatisfied."...

Professor Sit also found fault with the policy of spending 50 per cent of China's gross domestic product on infrastructure, calling it an "act of inefficient economic investment". He said: "Only local officials get the benefits because they assign the projects to their relatives or friends and let local banks pay when the loans become bad debts." State-owned banks' bad debts came from the blind pursuit of building infrastructure, he said.

Give that man a medal.

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