December 19, 2005

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Now It's the Tuna

This just in: raw tuna is going to be off the menus of most sushi joints in Shanghai next year, and presumably (I would hope!) the rest of China.

To remain fresh, the deep-water tuna must be stored at -55 Celsius to remain fresh for the consumer. Once it is not, tuna changes in color from a deep red color to a brownish shade. Given that such low temperatures are not possible in China, tuna is often treated with carbon monoxide. This is potentially quite damaging for the consumer's health, particularly the kidneys.

The report quoted a local tuna expert, Professor Wu Jiale of the Shanghai Fisheries University, as saying on last Thursday that a study group he heads has finished drafting an industry standard for tuna eaten raw as Sashimi. The draft, now submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture, is expected to go into effect next year.

It may affect nearly all the restaurants and supermarkets in Shanghai offering tuna Sashimi, industry insiders worried, because most of the tuna on the local market is treated in this way.

In the meantime, we suggest everyone stick to turkey for the holiday period...unless you noticed it was sneezing a fair bit and had chills before it met its maker.

posted by HK Dave on 12.19.05 at 04:48 PM in the China food/environment/health category.


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If a bird's got flu - two aspirin and put it to bed - works wonders!

posted by: HKMacs on 12.19.05 at 06:35 PM [permalink]

I'm glad they'll get around to banning it next year - there's no rush. After all, people have been eating such treated sushi for years in Shanghai without ill effect.

It does give new meaning to drive through sushi.

posted by: Simon on 12.19.05 at 06:53 PM [permalink]

Yes HKMacs, but then imagine the lines! We'd need to establish system with some sort of pecking order to prevent fowl play... more pun attempts from me today.

Simon I quite agree that the human body, so far, has demonstrated quite remarkable powers of survival despite man's best efforts to poison himself.

Perhaps the real story here is the fact that despite massive anti-Japanese sentiment, people in China still have the stomach for Japanese food (unlike some grannies I know).

posted by: HK Dave on 12.19.05 at 07:07 PM [permalink]

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