December 19, 2005

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Organic Food in Hong Kong?

After reading this article on organic food apparently being on the rise in Asia, I am prompted to ask the readership this question: when in Chinese, produce is labeled 'green food', does that mean it's organic, or is that just a meaningless label any produce-grower can stick on its vegetables? I've wondered every since I started seeing packs of 'green food' bok choy and choi sum in my local Park N Shop.

All of is grown in China, which naturally has thus far prevented me from actually buying any of it or allowing myself to have any faith at all in the 'organic'-ness of the produce in terms of not using dangerous pesticides, etc.

posted by HK Dave on 12.19.05 at 04:28 PM in the China food/environment/health category.


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Dave, I'm with you - I think it's a scam.

Ever notice how all of the vegetables in China are picked and carried off to market before they're actually ripe? Fruit is the same way.

posted by: Gordon on 12.20.05 at 02:06 AM [permalink]

Park N Shop and Carrefour both advertise 'organic' produce in their stores here in GZ. A neighbor of ours was the general manager of a Carrefour store in GZ and my tai-tai asked him just how 'organic' thier produce was. He told us that Carrefour has representatives that visit these farms often and inspect the site and test the produce for any sort of chemical additives.

Knowing that companies such as McDonald's actively monitor their suppliers of beef and potatoes to ensure everything meets their quality standards...I felt Carrefour's efforts were probably honest.

Park N Shop, on the other hand, I am not certain what their policies or procedures are.

Based on the tai-tai shops at Carrefour when she can.

posted by: GZ Expat on 12.21.05 at 02:28 PM [permalink]

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