December 09, 2005

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The way of sushi

If you only watch thing this week, make it the way of sushi. Improve your Japanese, learn the ancient rituals involved with Japan's favourite snack food and enjoy.

Thanks to Curzon for the tip.

On a completely unrelated note, a new HK blog: Maybe HK. And the world's favourite English language Chinese blogger, ESWN is featured in Hong Kong's widely read Next magazine and LfC has translated some choice quotes. It's a just reward for the English language model worker award winner.

posted by Simon on 12.09.05 at 06:39 PM in the Japan category.


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Funny video! I didn't know the Japanese could laugh at themselves in front of foreigners.

posted by: S onagi on 12.10.05 at 12:33 PM [permalink]

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