December 06, 2005

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House of the rising sun

I will be travelling to the land of the automatic toilet warmer and bidet until Friday and will likely be out of blogging range. But fear not, I've got some activities to keep you occupied:

1. The forums are going strong. Take a look, start a topic and spark a controversy of your own.

2. I've been made a finalist of the Weblog Awards Best Asian Blog category. It is a very high calibre field and with only one exception I would feel comfotable voting for any of the finalists. But most importantly, use this opportunity to explore other blogs you may not typically read. Then even more importantly, vote for me! Once a day, every day.


Thank you already to fellow finalist Mr Miyagi, New Blog finalist Riding Sun, Top 1751-2500 finalist ZenPundit, top 1001-1750 finalist The Glittering Eye and others for their endorsements. You should vote for each of them in their respective categories, and naturally vote for Coming Anarchy for Best Blog Design.

These awards don't do much more than stroke the blogger's ego in a high-school style popularity contest; they are a desperate attempt to garner recognition and respect of peers for the insecure, self-doubting, paranoid types that run blogs. Exactly like the Oscars. So please vote for me - the alternative is therapy.

posted by Simon on 12.06.05 at 02:20 PM in the Site Stuff category.


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Thank you for the nomination
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"These awards don't do much more than stroke the blogger's ego in a high-school style popularity contest"

Except that in high school, I learned that I wasn't as popular as the cool kids. With the Weblog Awards, I'm learning that I'm not as popular as a bunch of other nerds.

posted by: Gaijin Biker on 12.06.05 at 11:00 AM [permalink]

Whatever happened to this year's Asia Blog Awards?

posted by: Gaijin Biker on 12.06.05 at 11:05 AM [permalink]

Good question. It took a lot of effort last year, but maybe...I'll have a think about doing it after this week.

posted by: Simon on 12.06.05 at 11:10 AM [permalink]

Good Lord, how on Earth did I get in the fianls?

posted by: shaky on 12.06.05 at 12:31 PM [permalink]

Congratulations on making the finals, Simon. I have cast my vote, and only the written offer of a pint would unseal my lips as to who the lucky beneficiary might be, or influence any future vote I might cast.

It is a pity, though, that these awards always become a competition of whose supporters are most extreme in commandeering enough different PCs to vote from. I could be wrong - it happened once before - but I do not think that XiaXue is really 20 times as good as Hemlock. Better tits, maybe.

posted by: fumier on 12.08.05 at 10:21 AM [permalink]

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