December 02, 2005

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Lawyering around

The Article 45 Concern Group, a pro-democracy bunch of barristers, are turning themselves into a political party that "aspires to become Hong Kong's ruling party". What's the term for being ruled being a bunch of lawyers instead of civil servants? Is that an improvement?

Even more worryingly, those that deal with barristers on a daily basis are wholly unimpressed with them. For the third time in three months, the Court of Appeal is pissed off with slipshod lawyers appearing before them. If they can't get their briefs right how can they expect to rule the city?

So kids, if you're casting about for a profession, I can heartily recommend journalism. If you're lucky, you can follow Doug Crets and spend two days "reporting" from Laguna.

posted by Simon on 12.02.05 at 08:55 AM in the Hong Kong category.


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Dubious Reporting
Excerpt: Paul Hamblin, a senior educator from the English Schools Foundation is one of eight investors in well-known Wanchai freelancer pick up joint, Laguna. And?
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Off target
Excerpt: Simon has in my opinion made a mistake in trying to mash these two stories together: ...
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Tracked: December 2, 2005 04:33 PM


Very nice, very nice...! A little scandal for the parents.

Reminds me of the story of how the Diocesan Girls' School, which was originally founded for illegitimate Eurasian girls, ended up becoming a finishing school for exotic-looking, English-speaking mistresses of wealthy merchants. Of course it was shut down and has since become one of the premier girls' schools in Hong Kong. Not that I am alluding to anything...

posted by: HK Dave on 12.02.05 at 11:04 AM [permalink]

Do you not think that you are being a little unfair on the four legislators. As far as I can see, your only criticism of them is not what they have done in public office, but the fact that they are lawyers. If you examine the performance of Margeret Ng in Legco, you will see her record is exemplary.
If every one of our Legislators put in the time and effort that Margeret has done over the years, people would look at Legco with far more respect and probably would be more active in fighting for democracy.

Essentially, the point I'm trying to make is, there are enough idiots in Legco to slag off, without the need to criticize and belittle the ones that actually are trying to do some good. At the very least, their agenda is a proper and legitimate one which is seeking to advance Hong Kong rather than lining their own pockets and further the interests of their own particular pressure group

posted by: John K on 12.02.05 at 03:05 PM [permalink]

I must second that. Your linking two separate stories this way is, because they appeared an inch apart on the Standard web site and both contain the word barrister is, frankly, misleading.

If they were the same story then you would not need two links.

posted by: Flagrant Vagrant on 12.02.05 at 03:59 PM [permalink]

Um that should read:

Your linking two separate stories this way, because they appeared an inch apart on the Standard web site and both contain the word barrister, is, frankly, misleading.

posted by: Flagrant Vagrant on 12.02.05 at 04:01 PM [permalink]

John, you are absolutely right. I'm making a cheap lawyer joke and tieing together two otherwise unrelated stories in search of a vague point and amusing cheap shot.

Welcome to the world of blogging.

posted by: Simon on 12.02.05 at 04:40 PM [permalink]

No lawyers were hurt in the making of this post.

posted by: Simon on 12.02.05 at 05:31 PM [permalink]

You, Simon? A lawyer joke? Who could ever suspect you'd make such a joke? I mean, besides me.

"What's the term for being ruled being a bunch of lawyers instead of civil servants?" The US Senate?

posted by: RP on 12.03.05 at 12:08 AM [permalink]

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