December 01, 2005

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The big questions

Two new posts up at the Forum:

1. Who was more influential on pop music, Dylan or Elvis?
2. The great Hong Kong retail rip-off.

And does anyone have egg tart suggestions?

posted by Simon on 12.01.05 at 01:26 PM in the Site Stuff category.


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You commie bastard. Soon you'll be calling for a competiton law in Hong Kong. You think Li Ka Shing has nothing better to do than sell you groceries? Superman's time doesn't come cheap. Do you have any idea how much more he could be making in collusive property boondoggles if he wasn't distracted by selling food to your sorry ass?

You ungrateful prick.

posted by: Conrad on 12.01.05 at 10:16 PM [permalink]

Guilty as charged. At least if I shop in Macau I can share the wealth with poor Stanley Ho.

posted by: Simon on 12.02.05 at 08:37 AM [permalink]

Elvis. No question. The King. I'm not sure Dylan influenced much of anything.

posted by: RP on 12.03.05 at 12:09 AM [permalink]

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