December 01, 2005

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Top referrers and stats for November

This month saw the launch of the Forums. Join in or start a topic of your own.

Thanks to the top referrers for October:

Shaky Kaiser
Mr Brown
China Digital Times

Thank you to everyone else who also linked and visited.

As usual, some site statistics for November:

* 25,028 unique visitors made 54,552 unique visits, reading a total of 250,786 pages,and drawing 8.36 GB of bandwidth.
* This equals 1,818 visitors per day reading 8,359 pages each day. In other words each visitor reads 4.59 pages on average. Each visitor returned on average 2.17 times during the month.
* 259 subscribe to this site's feed via Bloglines and 216 via Feedburner.
* 706% of you use IE, 16.1% Firefox, 2.9% Safari, 1.8% Mozilla, 1.2% Opera and 1% Netscape to browse this site. 87.3% of you use Windows, 4.9% Mac, 1.5% Linux.
* 29% of visits were via search engines, of which Google was 70.5% and Yahoo 22.8%. The top search phrases remained "Nancy Kissel", "Mu Mu China blog" (thank you, New York Times) and "Simon World", for which I retain my number one ranking. Phew.
* The most visited individual page was "Hong Kong's democracy timetable", thanks to an Instalanche.

posted by Simon on 12.01.05 at 10:31 AM in the Top referrers category.


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706% of you use IE


posted by: spacehunt on 12.02.05 at 01:54 AM [permalink]

Yes, there's been a leap in their market share. Microsoft know and own all...and then some.

posted by: Simon on 12.02.05 at 08:38 AM [permalink]

Hahaha..........I googled "mu mu china blog", indeed your blog tops the list!!!
count this as the best joke of the last month!:)

posted by: lin on 12.02.05 at 11:11 AM [permalink]

Not least because the NYT did not include the URL of Mu Mu in its feature.

posted by: LfC on 12.02.05 at 12:48 PM [permalink]

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