November 25, 2005

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Daily linkets 25th November posted by Simon on 11.25.05 at 02:03 PM in the Daily linklets category.


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Jogging Is A Smash In Shanghai
Excerpt: People often job because they don't want to feel like a wreck -- but there's a good chance they can provoke one in Shanghai:
If Shanghaiist had a nickel for ev...

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i am just curious, simon, how do you find the china top blog?

posted by: bingfeng on 11.25.05 at 03:39 PM [permalink]

I think it was through the BBC article the other day.

posted by: Simon on 11.25.05 at 03:41 PM [permalink]

NYT: Chinese judges and politics

posted by: LfC on 11.28.05 at 01:22 PM [permalink]

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