November 25, 2005

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I have established a bulletin board/forum site to facilitate various conversions that may or may not be related to what I prattle on about here. The link can also be found at the top of the left sidebar.

One set of forums is for discusses one of this city's major hobbies: shopping. There is one setup for Hong Kong and another for Shenzhen. If you have information on good places to go, or what prices to pay (e.g. at Lowu Commercial Centre) or anything shopping related, this is the place for you. That way we can rebalance the information assymetry us shoppers always battle against.

There are two forums for discussing Chinese or Hong Kong politics.

Finally there is a general chat area, where I've already asked an important question that needs answering.

As always, any feedback or comments are welcome. Make sure you visit and comment at the forums often, and spread the word. The more people that use it the better. Topics and threads can be added as needed.

posted by Simon on 11.25.05 at 03:09 PM in the Site Stuff category.


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Just read your WTO note and the bit about karachi warning HK's hotels to beware. Well, I walked passed Immigration Tower earlier and the grates were being welded down. If that's not taking precautions...I don't know what is!! ha ha

posted by: travelling heather on 11.25.05 at 02:31 PM [permalink]

Is that to keep people in or out?

posted by: Simon on 11.25.05 at 02:35 PM [permalink]

Actually, when I was living in Convention Plaza, I passed by there every day and it seemed the chief reason they put up abrriers everywhere between immigration and revenue towers was to stop skaters from having some fun.

i guess there was that protest that led to one immigration official dying a few years ago, but that's hardly on the cards at the moment.

posted by: HK Dave on 11.27.05 at 03:31 PM [permalink]

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