November 01, 2005

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Top referrers and stats for October

Thanks to the top referrers for October:

Little Green Footballs
American Thinker
Peking Duck

Thank you to everyone else who also linked and visited.

As usual, some stats for October:

* 29,965 unique visitors made 64,929 unique visits, reading a total of 144,141 pages,and drawing 13.02 GB of bandwidth.
* This equals 2,095 visitors per day reading 4,650 pages each day. In other words each visitor reads 2.21 pages on average. Each visitor returned on average 2.16 times during the month.
* 243 subscribe to this site's feed via Bloglines and 191 via Feedburner.
* 66.2% of you use IE, 19% Firefox, 3.1% Safari, 1.8% Mozilla, 1% Opera and 1% Netscape to browse this site. 85.8% of you use Windows, 5.7% Mac, 1.4% Linux.
* 12.7% of visits were via search engines, of which Google was 70.5% and Yahoo 22.8%. The top search phrases remained "Nancy Kissel", "Robert Kissel" and "Icered", and happily "Simon World". Luckily I'm number one for that last search.
* The most visited individual page was "Asia's sad obsession with Nazi-ism".

posted by Simon on 11.01.05 at 10:07 AM in the Top referrers category.


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Hi Simon,

Sent you an update - just FYI

posted by: mark safranski on 11.01.05 at 01:32 PM [permalink]

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