October 14, 2005

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Cyber-Journalist Handbook

Alecks Pabico at INSIDE PCIJ announced a one-day conference on October 22 in Manila for mainstream journalists and bloggers. Pabico has a link to Reporters Without Border's Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents (.pdf file). RWB's Handbook covers the basics, Dan Gillmor's Ethics, testimonials, and ways to circumvent censorship.

As I've said before, I'm sceptical of the blogosphere's claims to perform journalism. "Cyber-Journalist" sounds less Stalinist than "Citizen-Journalist", but then both sound like something Wiley Coyote would say. Perhaps blogging reminds me too much of three old ladies playing bridge. Or, that I knew the most about anything when I had a security clearance, and I'm glad not to have it anymore. There's just no joy in knowing everything. I just like to see everyone talking, not just the suits.

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