October 14, 2005

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Blogspirit Problems

Just a quick note that I apologize for any problems clicking on the links I put up. Somethingw is wrong company-wide at , which hosts tdaxp and many other good sites.


As Dan Rather might cryptically say: Courage

Update: Apparently, it's some sort of denial of service attack:

10/14/2005, 07:40 (GMT). blogSpirit.com platform was attacked last night. We decided to suspend the service in order to identify precisely the origin of the attack and to reboot the platform. This might take a few hours. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. Be sure that we are doing everything to make your service available without delay.
posted by Dan tdaxp on 10.14.05 at 01:44 PM in the


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Seems to be ok for me, I guess you fixed it. Are you sure Simon will be happy with the semi-nude gal photos?

posted by: Li Liwei on 10.14.05 at 02:59 PM [permalink]

Hmmm.... Still down for me... If it's working for you, must be a rolling fix...

(Still quite annoying, though)

I think I'll try to work the discussion we've generate with a lecture I recently gave for the next "real" blog post... Probably in a day

posted by: Dan tdaxp on 10.14.05 at 03:03 PM [permalink]

PS: I like your work, particularly


posted by: Dan tdaxp on 10.14.05 at 03:06 PM [permalink]

We are still working on a few blogs and this shoud take again hours. I published on my french blog a long post about and didn't take time to write it in english.

Attacks are poor things. Everything should be ok tomorrow evening. I do really hope that tdaxp will stay.

posted by: Philippe on 10.15.05 at 04:28 AM [permalink]

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