October 11, 2005

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Disclosing Xinhua
Although it is more and more regularly cited as a credible source - nearly one third of the news reports on China selected by Google News originate from the agency - Xinhua, the head of which has the rank of minister, is the linchpin of control of the Chinese media.

Successor to the agency, Red China that was founded by Mao Zedong, Xinhua adopted its current name in January 1937. Since October 1949, this state-run news agency has been completely subordinate to the CCP.

The Reporters Without Borders’ report includes accounts from several Xinhua journalists who agreed, on condition of anonymity, to explain how the control imposed by the CCP’s Propaganda Department operates on a daily basis.

By Reporters Without Borders (.pdf).

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The fact that Xinhua is so often ending up high in the Google ranks has very little to do with the validity of its news. Google selects according to the number of links to a source, and since a zillion media in China link to Xinhua, they get a high ranking. I do not believe it says anything about trustworthiness.

posted by: Fons Tuinstra on 10.12.05 at 05:12 AM [permalink]

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