October 11, 2005

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Super Girls Rock Beijing, But Not Establisment

After a recent cover picture in Time Asia, a wildly successful concert in Shanghai, and bestowed the honor of "Iconoclast" Li Yuchun and her underling Super Girls held their most recent concert of their mainland tour in Beijing on Sunday to a loud and seriously excited crowd. It seems there is little that can stop them now. Hell, Li Yuchun might get an island in Antarctica named after her.

Indeed the Super Girls are showing real sophistication. Not to be labelled mere teeny boppers, the Super Girls held an auction last week to sell some of their clothes they wore on their show and front row tickets for the Beijing gig. The auction raised over 300,000 RMB for a local charity to send underprivileged kids to university. Certainly these girls know how to please their constituents.

All decked out in white on Sunday night, the Super Girls showed they weren't all innocent baring a lot of Super skin for their debut in the capital. Li Yuchun, often ridiculed for looking and sounding confusingly androgynous even hopped in on the scandalous action, wearing and then taking off a short black skirt mid performance. Alas, all of you 'Chun Chun' fans, the skirt was worn over her pants. Glow sticks were the hot accessory and there was a spontaneous demonstration of future Olympic javelin hopefuls as the show neared its end and thousands of fans launched their 2 kuai sticks onto the hundreds of police officers standing shoulder to shoulder on the field making sure no one got out of line.

Is this the first wiff of democratic reform in China? Most competent people would say no, but that hasn't stopped plenty of journalists from speculating. The TV station that produced Super Girls was so nervous of this implication that they called the SMS votes "messages of support". On the other hand, does Li Yuchun's gender bending, confident persona empower young girls all over the provinces? This blogger thinks this theory is a more likely thesis and a fresh break from the pointless daintiness of most Chinese pop stars today that is outdated in the new China.

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