October 08, 2005

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China hates spam

Controlling the internet is one thing. Controlling spam is another. But China's going to try:

China has ordered telcos to purge spam SMSes of smut and other "unhealthy" influences, including "superstitious content" like fortune telling. The Ministry of Information Industry made the pronouncement today on its website which declared: "Recently, there has been a lot of dirt hidden in the telecommunication networks. The situation is serious."
If China really wanted to make its 30,000 internet cesnors do good works for mankind, the government could set the censors loose on China's rampant spam industry. Given everything else has failed to stop spam, let's give authoritarianism a go.

While we're at it, does anyone regulate Hong Kong's random mobile calls or message at any hour of the day or night? If not, can we ask China to do it? Please.

On a completely unrelated note, Hong Kong's property developers learn how to stuff ballot boxes, albeit not very well. Here's a hint - at least try to make each form look a little different.

posted by Simon on 10.08.05 at 11:44 AM in the China internet category.


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