October 07, 2005

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Daily linklets 7th October

I will be in a blissfully communication-free locale from Monday for a week. Next week sees a selection of excellent guest bloggers for your edification and reading pleasure. Enjoy.

  • Starting today I will try to mark with a * any blog likely to be blocked in China.
posted by Simon on 10.07.05 at 06:34 PM in the Daily linklets category.


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Excerpt: I think property rights is rapidly emerging as a central revolution of our time in many areas. It touches even the United States, as the Kelo case demonstrates. Private property is the one thing communist regimes oppose. It's also the key to freedom an...
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Thanks for alerting me to this Simon - I must be sure to visit Macau's "Fisherman's Wharf" theme park when it opens, as I have a keen interest in mass culture studies, and I have written already on similar theme parks here in Shenzhen - the Windows of the World, Folk Culture Villages, Splendid China, etc.

I think this kind of kitsch (the commodity aesthetic) is, for good or bad, China's new face. Hong Kong Disneyland is another example.

For those who are interested, incidentally, I have written at length about Shenzhen's theme parks in the "Shenzhen Life" section of my blog, at:

f r e e w e b s . c o m / f l o w i n g w a t e r s

I am also conducting an online readers' poll on these theme parks, if anybody would care to participate.

Mark Anthony Jones

posted by: Mark Anthony Jones on 10.08.05 at 06:17 PM [permalink]

Another "Peking Duck" in China blogsphere. He say he is authentic.
http://spaces.m s n.com/members/peking-duck/

posted by: Letters from China on 10.11.05 at 04:59 PM [permalink]

Google Maps now says Taiwan is Taiwan.

posted by: LfC on 10.13.05 at 02:30 PM [permalink]

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