September 06, 2005

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Top referrers and stats for August

I'm back from my 2 weeks away. Dave has done an excellent job and I hope will remain a co-blogger going forward.

Basically August was Kissel month.

Firstly thanks to the top referrers for August:

The Oil Drum
Peking Duck

Thank you to everyone else who also linked and visited.

As usual, some stats for August:

* 24,049 unique visitors made 58,697 unique visits, reading a total of 183,913 pages,and drawing 9.58 GB of bandwidth.
* This equals 1,893 visitors per day reading 5,933 pages each day. In other words each visitor reads 3.13 pages on average. Each visitor returned on average 2.44 times during the month.
* 1417 visited this site via their favourites/bookmarks. 217 subscribe via Bloglines and 133 via Feedburner.
* 61% of you use IE, 15% Firefox, 3.1% Safari, 1.6% Mozilla, 1% Opera and 1% Netscape to browse this site. 75.8% of you use Windows, 5.7% Mac, 1.1% Linux.
* 10.6% of visits were via search engines, of which Google was 73.8% and Yahoo 19%. The top search phrases were "Nancy Kissel", "Robert Kissel" and "Icered".
* Unsurprisingly, the most visited individual page was the "Nancy Kissel trial archive".

posted by Simon on 09.06.05 at 05:27 PM in the Top referrers category.


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My pleasure Simon! I may not stay this prolific, but I'll certainly give it my best shot... your readership has been very obliging with interesting commentary.

posted by: HK Dave on 09.06.05 at 05:43 PM [permalink]

Welcome back Simon. HK Dave, I really enjoyed your posts.

posted by: Spirit Fingers on 09.07.05 at 01:12 AM [permalink]

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