August 19, 2005

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Daily linklets 19th August
Shenzhen's oil shortage is set to ease with the delivery of new supplies, Vice-Mayor Zhang Siping said yesterday. "We have successfully received more supplies to supplement our depots and that will ease the fuel crisis soon," Mr Zhang was quoted as saying by Shenzhen media.

Cities across Guangdong have been hit by an oil and petrol shortage. Service stations have been forced to limit supplies, or close. Mr Zhang said Shenzhen's supplies of diesel reached 41,500 tonnes on Monday and it had 23,500 tonnes of petrol after the arrival of nine oil tankers from Sinopec and PetroChina.

"More supplies will arrive by the end of the month if there is no typhoon coming," he added.

Mr Zhang said a series of measures would be taken to ensure sufficient supplies in service stations. He said priority would be given to taxis, buses and emergency vehicles. Police also would step up efforts to preserve public order at petrol stations.

The Shenzhen government called on commuters to use public transport instead of private cars and urged government officials to reduce the use of cars. People also were asked to report speculators trying to profit from the fuel shortage.
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A seemingly impossible task, but I notice that the Linklets just keep getting better.

Indeed, the Howard French article is definitely today's must-read.

Historically, The Middle Kingdom has never treated other countries on an equal basis. Asian countries were to be subjugated or cajoled into a tribute relationship and foreign barbarians were dismissed as, er, foreign barbarians.

Chris Patten, the original "Tango Dancer" in the excellent "East Meets West" mentions this very topic several times. During negotiations with the mainlanders, he recalls how they would throw fits on an almost hourly basis if he even hinted at Britain's status to be on par with the great Celestial Empire!

Well worth a read.

posted by: Martyn on 08.19.05 at 01:42 PM [permalink]

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