August 18, 2005

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Daily linklets 18th August posted by Simon on 08.18.05 at 12:32 PM in the Daily linklets category.


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The work-around loophole that I've discovered was actually something I set up a couple of months ago when I encountered a brief ban that only lasted a few hours. After it was lifted I quickly put a couple of other measures into place that would allow me to continue updating my blog, though in limited form.

I also have a mirror site that I establishd after that incident. I will probably start posting to it later today, until the ban has been lifted.

The Horse's Mouth (mirror site)

I may even try temporarily removing the post about Taiwan being a possesion of the United States (according to international law) to see if that helps.

posted by: Gordon on 08.18.05 at 02:31 PM [permalink]

That's worth a try Gordon (removing the post) but it could have been any one of a number of posts/sites that provoked the block.

I'm glad to hear that you'll set up a mirror site of some sort. A nice big finger up to the nanny is what I like to see.

Could you update via Simonworld? Thanks.

posted by: Martyn on 08.18.05 at 03:07 PM [permalink]


As you probably know by now, I was fortunate to land my hands on some very worthwile technology that has enabled me to resume blogging on The Horse's Mouth. It also allows me to completely bypass the the Great Firewall to read any and everything I want.

As for the CHinese censors and the net police..I fart in their general direction!

posted by: Gordon on 08.19.05 at 02:50 PM [permalink]

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