August 17, 2005

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Hu - Bush Summit and China bank bailout

It's Jamestown Foundation's China Brief time. The first must read is Willy Lam's piece on why Hu is seeking a breakthrough in the upcoming summit with George W. Bush:

Hu’s first visit to the U.S. as head of state will be dominated by the familiar “3-T” issues: Taiwan, trade and technology. On a deeper level, however, the world’s only superpower and the fast-developing would-be superpower will engage in a give-and-take that is sure to shape geopolitical developments
It is an in-depth look at the main issues the Chinese side are facing and want to deal with, the surprising areas of overlap and co-operation between America and China in foreign policy and hopes for a better understanding between the leaderships as a means to reduce tensions. In other words, China is seeking to become more of an ally and less of a percieved threat to America.

The other must read is Victor Shih's* look at Beijing's bail-out of joint-stock and state-owned banks. It also looks at the ongoing almost en-masse bail-out of China's securities industry and asks if the Government can resist the temptation to effectively nationalise large parts of the financial industry.

* Victor Shih runs the Chinese Politics blog.

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china economic roundup (vi)
Excerpt: The Big Yuan points to a profile on China's central bank Governor Zhou Xiaochuan, noting the increased influence of the People's Bank of China and how the governor is being groomed for higher office.Zhou has an engineering degree from Beijing
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Willy Lam is the man. Always in the know (or least it seems so).

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