August 11, 2005

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People's Daily declares Taiwan a country!

Breaking news...while ostensibly toeing the PRC's line that Taiwan is a province of the motherland, the subversive forces at the People's Daily have still found a way to declare Taiwan a country.


Did you spot it? "Country Profile", at the top of the window. Sure the rest of it says Taiwan province, but nevertheless...the implications are huge.

Two state solution, here we come.

posted by Simon on 08.11.05 at 11:16 AM in the


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this is misinterpreting. you can go and change the URL from taiwan.html to gansu.html (or any other province) and you will get "Country Profile: Gansu Province". So this means Gansu Province inside China. It does not mean that Gansu is a country. Ditto Taiwan.

posted by: eswn on 08.11.05 at 12:09 PM [permalink]

Granted. My tongue is planted firmly in my cheek with this post.

posted by: Simon on 08.11.05 at 12:14 PM [permalink]

yes, that's the way to go!

posted by: eswn on 08.11.05 at 01:50 PM [permalink]

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