August 08, 2005

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Sgt Chan's Lonely Heart Club Band

In lieu of a real post, time for a caption contest...


(Click to enlarge)

The SCMP reproduces an AFP photo, with the caption: A PLA soldier salutes as he is introduced at a "speed dating" gathering at a camp in Beijing. Military reform is adding new battle units and eliminating outdated ones to increase effectiveness while cutting troop numbers by 200,000 to 2.3 million by the end of this year.

I don't know how dating is related to personnel cuts in the PLA. Nevertheless, I feel sure we can all do better.

Random prize to the winner.

posted by Simon on 08.08.05 at 09:17 AM in the


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Hi Simon, interesting you picked today for the photo as yesterday, August 7th, was the anniversary of the day in 1782 George Washington established a decoration known the as Badge of Military Merit, later known as the "Purple Heart".

To me it seems very George Orwell and reminds me of 1984; so the caption I suggest is: "Sgt. Chan Reporting For Duty at the Ministry of Love."

posted by: HK Dave on 08.08.05 at 11:23 AM [permalink]

"The new population control campaign features vasectomy volunteers from the armed forces. Members of the "Blanks Brigade" receive special preference for retirement housing, bonus payments to their parents, but are required to adopt a female Chinese child on marriage."

posted by: Ahistoricality on 08.08.05 at 11:33 AM [permalink]

"The PLA - giving new meaing to a rush of blood".

posted by: Simon on 08.08.05 at 03:31 PM [permalink]

Sgt. Chan Salutes Fallen Comrades in China's New War on VD.

posted by: PHS on 08.08.05 at 03:36 PM [permalink]

This is Sergeant Li, he's a 28-year old gay guy from Henan Province. He's seeking a fun guy for a committed relationship. All letters with photo will guarantee a reply.

posted by: Martyn on 08.08.05 at 05:35 PM [permalink]

Martyn - your prize is your country can win a Test by 2 runs. You lucky thing.

posted by: Simon on 08.08.05 at 08:43 PM [permalink]

Just in case anyone wants to know more about the actual photo, It is from a PLA dating service for it's officer corps. Sgt Chan is more appropriately Lieutenant (Leftenant for you pommy gits). has the whole rundown here with a couple more pictures.[remove].cn/s/2005-08-07/00276629032s.shtml

posted by: Jing on 08.08.05 at 10:08 PM [permalink]

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