June 28, 2005

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Daily linklets 28th June posted by Simon on 06.28.05 at 05:05 PM in the Daily linklets category.


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Let's All Wake Up, Con't
Excerpt: Revisiting this post from the weekend, this comment from "Joe" merits attention. Re acid rain in China. As a resident of Guangzhou, I can confirm that it stings like crazy if it gets into your eyes. The Southern China landscape...
Weblog: small dead animals
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Well, thanks for the heavy linkage today. On the Xinhua penis item I was disappointed that Jeremy didn't realize that it was well behind the curve. XiaXue did that ages ago.

posted by: myrick on 06.28.05 at 08:12 PM [permalink]

Maybe he got confused: XiaXue, Xinhua...easy mistake to make.

posted by: Simon on 06.28.05 at 08:15 PM [permalink]

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