April 21, 2005

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The Hong Kong penis and the 3 child policy

Or wasting Hong Kong taxpayers' money part 2,319


A team of scientists [Ed. - a team?!?] led by Union Hospital Urology Centre director Chan Leung-wai yesterday issued the results of a study tackling the stereotypical belief that Chinese men were a little lacking below the belt compared with westerners.

"Basically, our conclusion is that the size of Hong Kong men's penises are not worse than our western counterparts," Dr Chan said. "It has always been said that Asian people's penises are smaller, and therefore their sexual performance is worse. Now we have measured it." [[Ed. - they measured sexual performance too? Wowser!]

Funded by the Chinese University, Dr Chan's team recruited 148 volunteers - all ethnic Chinese in Hong Kong - and sized them up. "We basically used a ruler, a flexible one, and pressed it against the pubic bone then measured down to the tip of the penis." They found that in a warm and comfortable environment, the average Hong Kong man's member measured 8.46cm, with a mid-shaft circumference of 8.26cm in its "resting state".

This compared favourably with results from studies overseas, which found German men were on average about 8.6cm in length, Israelis 8.3cm, South Koreans 8cm, Turks 7.8cm, and Filipinos 7.35cm. Italians were biggest, at 9cm, followed by Americans at 8.8cm.

The team had tried to measure the size of the subjects' erections, but found they tended to deflate when the ruler came out. [Ed. - The use of female nurses could have helped.

Allowing the subjects to measure their own erection was not an option. "Definitely not. Otherwise the data would definitely be incorrect - they would be excessively large," Dr Chan said. However, he said literature indicated that stretching the flaccid member could deliver a good estimate of erect length. "We stretched the penis to its maximum, but not to a point where it was painful." It yielded an average size of 10.55cm.

Taller men did not have larger penises, although there was a correlation with age. This led Dr Chan to believe the male organ could be a useful diagnostic tool. "Your penis is a lump of blood vessels, so maybe its length could reflect the actual condition of the blood vessels."

The emphasis was mine. We await Singapore's results with interest.

But wait, there's more. The Don, a father of 2, is spending $400,000 to show (well hung) Hong Kongers how to have 3 kids each. In comparison to the mainland's one child policy, Hong Kong has a three child policy. The Don would be better off spending that money to research genetically modified Hong Kongers. I believe Dr. Chan of Chinese University is free.

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Perhaps there isn't a problem...So, why, oh why, is EVERYTHING in China, 'good for man.'

Sir, would you like some snake bile? Good for man.

Sir, would you like some tiger paw and elk antler?? Good for man.

Sir, would you like some dog soup with monkey brains on the side?? Good for man.

Has anyone done a study on the Chinese inferiority complex????

posted by: GZ Expat on 04.21.05 at 04:39 PM [permalink]

As I have explained to Shaky:

The penis is an elastic organ but it will only stretch (inflate, tumesce, engorge) to that same limit of elasticity. You don’t need it to be “angry” to measure it. Just grab the knob and stretch… All together now boys, grab… and stretch… (Hey, reminds me of boarding school!)

Just before it rips off is its maximum length.

How large is the Chinese inferiority complex? Inversely proportional.


posted by: expatatlarge on 04.22.05 at 12:09 AM [permalink]

As for Dr Chan's comments about the assessing the blood vessels via the flaccid penile size, he is REALLY stretching it there.

In fact that's most inane piece of pseudo-scientific medical conjecture I have heard since phrenology was shown to have lumps in it.

If you want to examine the blood vessles, why not... examine the blood vessels with the 1001 DIRECT tests which are available.

Having said that, erectile dysfunction despite Viagra use is an excellent indicator of poor overall arterial health, they say. Not flaccid length though, not by any stretch of the imagination...

This guy is a real "dick" head.


posted by: expatatlarge on 04.22.05 at 12:20 AM [permalink]

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