June 13, 2005

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Alternative Big Mac Index

We need you and your stomach in the interests of academic research.

The Economist's latest Big Mac Index has been released (follow this link for some BMI commentary). The now defunct Asian Labour News ran an alternative index, based on the number of hours a McDonalds employee must work to be able to buy a Big Mac. The Economist reported on a similar effort by investment bank UBS back in 2003, althought that focussed on developing economies.

Now it's time to update the index. In a joint effort with CSR Asia we're calling on volunteers around the world to help.

What does it take? We need three things:

1. Your location (city and country).
2. The price of a Big Mac at your local McDonalds.
3. The hourly wage (in local currency) of a worker at that McDonalds.

Please send the data to simon[at]simonworld[dot]mu[dot]nu and please help spread the word. The more data the better. Once compiled we'll publish the results.

In return feel free to eat the burger once you've got the data. Have fries with it to really complete the experience.

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big macs, wages and choco pies
Excerpt: The Economist has revised its popular, although not to be taken too seriously, Big Mac index. As well as pointing to a 59% undervalued renminbi, it notes the euro has some room to fall.:Our annual Big Mac index (see table)
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Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun... oh, and a side of data... to go
Excerpt: Simon is asking for your help. In the past, various surveys have been done based on the number of hours a McDonalds employee must work to be able to buy a Big Mac. Now it's time for an update. We...
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We don't have a McD's in Armenia yet!

posted by: KAty on 06.18.05 at 11:20 PM [permalink]

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