June 13, 2005

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Daily linklets 13th June posted by Simon on 06.13.05 at 05:30 PM in the Daily linklets category.


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Off with the gloves
Excerpt: I'm sure that practically everyone in the China/Asia blogosphere has caught wind by now of the recent exchanges between Bingfeng and myself. If not, you can catch up with the links that follow.Bingfeng stopped by and left a few comments on one of my
Weblog: thehorsesmouth.blog-city.com
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Hi, Simon.
The article on NK restaurants is an insult to the intelligence, common sense and NK starving people (without considering all the inaccuracies and absurdities it presents). A proof that not everything is blogged is worth our time.
Do you remember when European and American intellectuals visited Stalin Gulag and everything they were able to describe was the happiness of sovietic farmers? Now, we have Kim Jong Il restaurants.
I think that when one day we'll look at the eyes of NK people we'll have a lot to explain to them.

Good appetite.


posted by: Enzo on 06.13.05 at 11:32 PM [permalink]

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