May 21, 2005

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Nancy Kissel trial updates

Some updates on the Nancy Kissel trial. Today's SCMP:

The wife of investment banker Robert Kissel had her bail extended yesterday after a closed-door hearing at the Court of First Instance.

Nancy Ann Kissel, 40, has pleaded not guilty to one count of murder over the death of her husband, a top executive with US investment banking giant Merrill Lynch, whose body was found dead near their luxury apartment in Parkview, Tai Tam, in November 2003. Kissel's bail conditions were not known. The case was adjourned until Wednesday.

Yesterday's SCMP also reported Mrs Kissel pleaded not guilty and the Government objected to a bail extension. The defence asked for a postponement of the trial to continue study of the evidence.

I've established a category of the Kissel case with all the relevant posts on the topic.

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will you be covering the case? There are MANY people in the US that are wondering why its taking so long to go to court...

posted by: why so delayed on 05.23.05 at 09:32 AM [permalink]

I will post updates as I get them. Given I work full time it is impossible for me to cover the case first hand, but I'll post what is reported in the papers here.

As for why it's taken so long, there's a few answers. Firstly that's the criminal justice system - the same applies in the USA, especially for murder cases. Secondly there have been delays requested by both sides to gather more evidence or examine it in more detail. The main trial was due to begin last week but appears likely to be postponed as the defence needs more time.

All I can say is keep checking back here for more updates.

posted by: Simon on 05.23.05 at 03:01 PM [permalink]

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