April 28, 2005

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Evening Linklets

Hyphen Magazine condemns racist sexualization of Japanese women in the New York Times Magazine. Readers condemn racist post on Hyphen Magazine. An unusually intelligent and civil discussion ensues.

No such controversy for Tickle Bug's Goths of Japan montage.

Harry Hutton of Chase Me Ladies notes gender disparity among tourists to Thailand. David from Mangosauce noted the same thing, and inspired two bajillion comments. Must be that guys are naturally curious about the old Soviet embassy's rooms with no way in. But after embassy-watching, what's left to do in Bangkok?

The Adventures of Chester links to more Nork news, Chinese sublimation of anti-Americanism, China's Arabic lesson, and more on Japan's apology.

Curzon at Coming Anarchy writes on Malaysia's diesel crunch and the Indo-Japanese bid for Permanent Seats on the UN Security Council. Senegal is now as pro-Indian as Argentina is anti-Japanese.

Mutant Frog tries to warn us of Koizumi's Stalin-like Cult of Personality.

Josh at OFK maintains his death watch for the USA-Republic of Korea alliance.

The gloriously self-promoting tdaxp criticizes US drug policy in Afghanistan. And while he's at it, he asks: "Ever think there's not enough international political fan fiction? I do a lot. But I don't think many other people do."

Totally random: Sand circles, the Elder Sign, and pyramids at Area 51 (hat-tip: Coast to Coast AM).


The aforementioned Mango Sauce proves bar girls are evil.

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Excerpt: While I was in Hong Kong, ( Sadly, not that I will back there anytime soon.....) I had a chance to read about the Japan -China dispute from the "other side". Reading the South China Mornng Post each morning was very illuminating indeed. Especially th...
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