April 20, 2005

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Daily linklets 20th April posted by Simon on 04.20.05 at 06:38 PM in the Daily linklets category.


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It could've been a general munu block you know. But then, you're probably the nail in munu that sticks out most prominently, so yah, I guess they are gunnning after you. Congratulations. ;)

posted by: Kelvin on 04.20.05 at 12:31 PM [permalink]

I'm not aware of any other Munu sites that focus on China and would be block-worthy. But who knows?

I just thought I'd note it as a sign I'm doing something right ;-)

posted by: Simon on 04.20.05 at 12:36 PM [permalink]

That Eastern Lightning stuff - not another Taiping Rebellion in the making is it? Didn't turn out too well, apparently.

posted by: Fabian on 04.20.05 at 04:36 PM [permalink]

That depends, Fabian. I seem to recall the Little Brother at the head of the rebellion at the end was engaging in orgies and drinking himself stupid. It only took about 20 million deaths along the way.

posted by: Simon on 04.20.05 at 05:05 PM [permalink]

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