March 01, 2005

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Organised Chaos

Yesterday we discussed the costs of staging the WTO meeting in Hong Kong this December. I was wrong. The comedy value from the protesters is worth the money alone.

Protesters gearing up for the December World Trade Organization meeting in Hong Kong, a lightning rod for violent protest in other cities across the globe, say they cannot guarantee that demonstrations will go off without incident. Elizabeth Tang, a spokeswoman for the Hong Kong People's Alliance (HKPA) said Monday the group intends to ask the police later this week to appoint special officers to mediate between protesters and security forces in the event of clashes...

Tang said the "unfriendly attitude'' displayed by Hong Kong police to date has made activists feel "uncomfortable.''

The police liason officer need practice only one phrase: "Sod off, swampy". The misnamed Hong Kong People's Alliance, the umbrella group organising the protest, have one aim: to cause chaos. They want arrests, they want riot police, they want the graphic TV pictures. Why? Because their message lacks merit so they need to draw attention to their cause. They rachet up the rhetoric. They wash their hands of potential violence by "calling for a non-violent, peaceful approach" but saying they cannot be held accountable for the actions of protesters. That's the lie. Make this umbrella group directly liable for the costs and damage as a result of any violence. The onus should be on them to live up to their words.

Does anyone else find it interesting how these anti-globalisation groups are great examples of globalisation at work?

posted by Simon on 03.01.05 at 11:33 AM in the WTO category.


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Heh, that IS funny!

Talk peaceful protest, whine how the HKSAR is NOT making them feel "welcome", I mean not allowing them to have their way!

And HK dun need to have cops out to control the leftists, they'll control themselves!

But they kanna guarantee that there won't be trouble...

Yah right!

posted by: abraxis on 03.01.05 at 02:08 PM [permalink]

"Does anyone else find it interesting how these anti-globalisation groups are great examples of globalisation at work?"

No, maybe it's because, as Wikipedia sez ...

"Many regard the term "anti-globalization" as a misnomer, and see this as a tag meant to discredit the movement; in fact, many of those involved in the anti-globalization movement do support closer ties between the various peoples and cultures of the world — in particular, they often show solidarity with peoples they consider to be oppressed and campaign for asylum and immigration rights — and are opposed only to capitalist globalization. This is why they tend to use more nuanced terms to describe their movement, such as anti-capitalist, anti-corporate or positive terms as alternative globalization (see Alter-globalization) global justice or fair-trade movement, Global Justice and Solidarity Movement (GJ&SM), Movement of Movements or simply The Movement, and use slogans like "globalize justice" and "globalize liberation.""

posted by: K1 on 03.01.05 at 10:07 PM [permalink]

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