January 06, 2005

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China population hits 1.3 billion

At 12:02pm last night, Lan Hui gave birth to a baby boy at the Beijing Hospital of Gynaecology and Obstectrics. Proud father Zhang Tong didn't have to worry about the normal juggling of cameras and videos to capture the moment, because this little boy is China's 1.3 billionth person. At a intensely emotion and stressful time, the lucky couple had most of China's media crammed into the delivery room watching, videoing and photographing the event.

Do these people get special treatment? Or is it a fleeting flame - one minute you're the star and the next you're just another little emperor? Has anyone heard from the 1.2 billionth baby lately?

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Excerpt: Yesterday China had its 1.3 billionth baby, unsurprisingly a boy. China has 120 boys for every 100 girlsand in some provinces 130:100 - the average worldwide is 105 boys to 100 girls. Indeed the PR gurus who managed yesterday's media event were disappo...
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