December 16, 2004

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Asia by Blog

Asia by Blog is a twice weekly feature, usually posted on Monday and Thursday, providing links to Asian blogs and their views on the news in this fascinating region. Previous editions can be found here.

This will be the final edition for 2004. New editions will commence in the first week of January.

This edition contains Taiwan's elections, an unwanted Chinese export, Japan's new defense guidelines, sex and Korean tourism, Chinese page 3 girls, China slipping grip on the net, the regular North Korean histrionics, Indonesian pirates, differences in understanding of culture, Singapore's party poopers, a fake beauty contest, the Global Voices conference plus plenty more...

The 2004 Asia Blog Awards are now in the voting stage. Also check out the IndiBloggies...
The round-up has four key areas of focus:

China, Taiwan and Hong Kong

Korea and Japan

SE and Other Asia


posted by Simon on 12.16.04 at 07:54 PM in the Asia by blog category.


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Asia By Blog is Up! Go Read!
Excerpt: Really good stuff over at the weekly Asia By Blog at Simonworld. This guy has the best round-ups of news from all over Asia. Check it out!...
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How can it be "Not Safe For Work" if you don't include the link??

posted by: Nathan on 12.17.04 at 11:25 AM [permalink]

Fixed it, thanks.

posted by: Simon on 12.17.04 at 11:35 AM [permalink]

That was quick!

posted by: Nathan on 12.17.04 at 11:51 AM [permalink]

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